About the MERIAL Rewards Program

Your dedication to helping protect pets deserves to be rewarded.

The MERIAL Rewards Program was designed to recognize and reward your continued dedication to helping provide protection for our best friends. It’s our way to show our true appreciation for your efforts when you process FRONTLINE® brand product, HEARTGARD® (ivermectin) brand product and NexGard® (afoxolaner) for Dogs offers. And as we’re always looking to improve the program, we welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Earn points—for all you do

One of the ways Merial can assist you in helping to protect your clients’ pets is through our coupon program. The product coupons, redeemable only at veterinary clinics, apply to client purchases of leading MERIAL brand products.

Every eligible FRONTLINE, HEARTGARD and NexGard Brand product coupon you submit earns you rewards (1 point = $1) on the MERIAL Rewards Program card that can be used toward rewards you choose. If you need more coupons or MERIAL Tracking Envelopes, please call the MERIAL Rewards Program Headquarters at 1-800-307-7000 or contact your local Merial Sales Representative.

There are many ways to earn points with coupons

  1. 1 point for each eligible coupon submitted for a 12-dose supply of
    HEARTGARD (ivermectin) or a 6-month dose supply of a FRONTLINE brand product
  2. 0.5 point for each 3-dose FRONTLINE brand product coupon
  3. 2 points for each FRONTLINE/NexGard and HEARTGARD combo coupon
  4. 1 point for each eligible* Puppy or Kitten Kit coupon

    *NexGard Free Dose Coupons are not eligible for Merial Rewards points.

And there are two flexible ways to participate

Clinics enrolled in the MERIAL Rewards Program participate as either “Individuals” or “Team Play”:
  1. Individual: As eligible coupons are submitted with your name and member ID, points will be deposited into your MERIAL Rewards Program account.
  2. Team Play: Regardless of whose name and member ID number appears on the eligible coupons submitted, points earned are equally distributed among all active MERIAL Rewards Program members within the clinic.
To find out how your clinic is currently participating or to change the status of your clinic, please consult your office manager or MERIAL Rewards Program Headquarters at 1-800-307-7000.

Redeeming your rewards—you’ve earned them

As a member, you earn points in a variety of ways. And your points become cash you can use for personal or clinic rewards of your choice—whether it’s ordering lunch for your clinic or a day at the spa. They’re your points to use as you please.

Once you reach a balance of 50 points, you’ll receive a MERIAL Rewards Program Visa® Prepaid Card with your points loaded onto it as dollars. You can redeem your rewards anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted, but not at a bank or ATM. And as you earn more points, they’ll be automatically loaded onto your card, available to use right away.

Understand just how the MERIAL Rewards Program works for you

We want our members to get the most from this rewarding program by understanding how your earnings work. For example, did you know your earnings are taxable income? Use this program website to find answers to your questions in our Help section, or contact us for additional information. We also encourage you to review the Program Terms and Conditions for a detailed explanation of the MERIAL Rewards Program.

For all the pets you help protect, thank you.

Manage your Account

right here at merialrewardsprogram.com.
The MERIAL Rewards Program website is a valuable tool that can help you make the most of the program:
  • 24-hour access to your account
  • Valuable resources to support your clinic and clients
  • Educational opportunities for your professional growth
  • Information on local, state and national pet advocacy program